Coming Soon

Dear guests,

In May and June, we will do the reconstruction and renovation of the kitchen. As a result, the hotel will not accept guests during the periods 15 May – 18 May and 5 – 15 June.

In response to your comments on the condition of rooms and bathrooms, we started to renovate the hotel part. We work from 9:30 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00. Sometimes we will make noise, but we will keep the silence during the rest. In advance, we apologize to all our guests for possible inconveniences.

Projects of future reconstructions of reception, restaurant and rooms can be viewed here.

Thermal Mineral Water Room



Double Room


Luxury Apartments

We do not want to stay in one place or come to a standstill. As our guests come to us to become healthier, to discover something new, we also want to move forward.

Visit this page from time to time. News about changes that you will see with your own eyes in your next visit to us will appear here. Let us take delight together in how we are getting better.

Please, write us about your ideas and suggestions. We update and rebuild our hotel for you, so we will read all your suggestions carefully and will try to implement them to the best of our abilities.

Bulgarian Shop

There is a Bulgarian Shop among our future updates, a place where you can buy for yourself and others Bulgarian gifts wrapped in hotel’s original packaging: delicious food canned following traditional Bulgarian recipes, local wines, Bulgarian pottery painted with colorful designs, and, of course, the famous Bulgarian rose oil! You will be able to buy all this products on the spot, and also order the delivery to your room to the date of your departure, so your gifts won’t take additional place prior to that.