Maps & Directions

The most convenient ways to the Banya village are the ones from Bansko ski resort and Razlog. You can order a free transfer to our hotel and away from it from these towns.

bansko ski resort


If you want to feel the life of the country from the inside, you can get to Bansko from the The distance from Banya village to the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, is 150 km; the distance to Plovdiv is 172 km and the distance to Bourgas is 406 km.

Е-79 route goes from the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, to the Banya village. In Simitli town you should turn from Е-79 down the 19 highway. If you go to Banya from Plovdiv, follow the 8 highway and then also turn from it down the 19 highway.


You can also reach the Banya village from Greece. Е-79 route goes from Thessaloniki through the border crossing point. After you reach Simitli, you can turn down the 19 highway that leads to the Banya village


f you want to drive to the Banya village from the border with Macedonia, use this way: 106 highway – Е-79 route – 19 highway.

GPS coordinates:

Degrees and decimal minutes:

Широта и долгота (градусы, минуты, секунды):
N 41º52’32.7”
E 23º31’18.3”

Десятичные градусы:
N 41.87575
E 23.52175