Body Hydrotherapy

The thermal SPA center of Thermal SPA Hotel Roman Bath is equipped with state-of-art facilities for body hydrotherapy.
Two multifunctional bathtubs allow us to conduct different types of hydrotherapy with proven prophylactic and curative effect.

Pearl bathtub
The pearl bathtub is a type of hydromassage during which the body is subject to the combined effect of water and air. The air bubbles that are formed in the water really look like pearls.
When flowing out from the special small openings – nozzles at the bottom of the bathtub, the air forms plenty of bubbles that, in combination with the water flow, massage the body of the person laying the bathtub.

Hydromassage bathtub
The hydromassage bathtub is a system of nozzles inbuilt in the bathtub that form its unique configuration and create water flows that massage the body with different force and under different angle.

Tangentor bathtub
The procedure is conducted by a masseur with the help of a special hose – tangentor. The water pressure at the tangentor’s output is from 1 to 4 atmospheres. The masseur actively massages specific sectors of the patient’s body with the water jet. The curative effect of the tangentor massage is much more efficient than the ordinary hydromassage bathtub, as it enhances the effect of the hot water jet.

The benefit of such bathtubs is obvious. They stimulate the blood circulation and normalize the blood pressure. Furthermore, such procedures relieve the back pains and the rheumatic pains, remove the tension and muscle fatigue. In addition to the blood circulation improvement, the pearl bathtub stabilizes the lymphatic system, accelerates the treatment of residual inflammatory processes. Air bubbles saturate the skin with oxygen, help for the relaxation of the body and for improving the mood.

Vichy Shower
Vichy Shower – tender massage of the reflector sections under the effect of a plenty of water jets that bathe the body like a long-awaited summer rain. Vichy Shower has a nice refreshing and also calming effect.
The Vichy Shower has two main therapeutic effects – mechanical and temperature. Water jets with specific temperature under specific pressure are directed towards the body.
Quite frequently the Vichy Shower is combined with other spa procedures.
The Vichy Shower increases the tonus and strengthens the body, helps for the release of toxins and enhances the blood circulation and oxygen exchange. Furthermore, this procedure relieves the tension and fatigue and has general sedative effect. Last but not least, the Vichy Shower, in combination with a massage, is an excellent method to fight against cellulite and overweight.