Hammam (Turkish Bath)

Turkish bath is a direct successor of the Roman thermae. Turks borrowed the tradition of bathing from the conquered Byzantium, but added their own features to it.

For example, it was massage on a large heated stone. The heat from the stones strikes to the marrow helping with joint problems, and just has a nice relaxing effect.

Temperature of air in a hammam is around +40°С. Therefore it has much less contraindications then the usual bath. The hammam can be attended by children and people with broken health with no fear to stress the body too much.

A “mild”, nice hammam steam has wonderful effects on the skin. It helps to slow aging, heals wounds and inflammations. Like all of the steam baths, the hammam is good for the nasopharynx, treats diseases of the respiratory tract and restores an immune system weakened with colds.

It is easy to bath properly in the hammam. Fill a cup with warm water and pour it over yourself starting from legs and gradually move higher. When your body becomes accustomed to the temperature of water, change it to a warmer and repeat pouring. Gradually increase the temperature of water until it would become hot. Hot water helps the muscles to relax and it is an excellent remover of muscle fever after the skiing achievements!

And, of course, in our hamman you’ll bathe in pure thermal water that will enhance the benefits of the hammam.