Thermal Pools

There are two pools in our SPA, the Ellipse thermal pool and Trapezia thermal  pool, filled with constantly replenished mineral water of different temperatures: +36 °C and +32 °C.

Water of the Trapezia pool is cooler. You can enjoy our novelty right now! LED lights that are illuminating the pool can change their colors creating a calm and meditative atmosphere.

There is a constant fog above the Ellipse pool because of the water temperature. This natural inhalation is very useful for the treatment of bronchitis, asthma, rhinitis and other diseases of the respiratory system, as well as for decrease of allergic reactions.

It is very pleasant to soak in thermal pools after the skiing achievements. And it is also a great place to make cultural communication like ancient Romans did in thermae.

A qualified lifeguard is always watching the pools ready to help swimmers in need.

Icons in the hotel hallways will guide you through if you want to visit the pools.