There are two saunas in the Thermal SPA Hotel Roman Bath: saline spa sauna room and herbal spa sauna room against the entrance of the Ellipse swimming pool.

Sauna is a dry bath (humidity about 15%), keeping the air temperature around +80-90°С.

Dry air helps the body to bear the heat easily. Therefore sauna is recommended for those who tolerate high humidity badly.

After sauna human body feels like after a good run. Blood pounds in ears, breath is fast, all muscles and organs are filled with blood. But, surprisingly, the sauna calms down and helps to relax.

You need to remember a few simple rules to visit a sauna::

  1. Do not eat too much before the “hot” treatments.

  2. Wash yourself thoroughly before you go to the sauna.

  3. Avoid sauna, if you are overtired or feeling sick.

  4. Do not try to bathe for a long time; 5-10 minutes is enough.

  5. Let your body cool down properly between your approaches to the sauna.

  6. Do not touch anything with bare parts of your body.

  7. Do not forget to take off your jewelry before visiting the sauna. It may cause burns

  8. Do not forget to take off your slippers before visiting the sauna!

Don’t put your health at risk! If you have any problems with your cardiovascular system, consultation with your doctor is strongly recommended for you before visiting sauna.