Relaxation Area

We have a relax area in our SPA center.It’s the perfect place for you if you want to take a rest from the water after you have already taken a rest in the water, you can accommodate yourself conveniently, check the social networks on your tablet (free of charge Wi-Fi is available on the territory of the hotel), or choose a massage.

Here you can lie down for a while, you can recuperate after the heating (or cooling), take a cup of fruit juice or curative mineral water.

The relax area is intended for peaceful repose and meditation. It is the most appropriate place to appreciate how much your mind and soul have been purified after the procedures and to get into positive mood.

The guests of our SPA complex can use a special meditation room with warm floor and convenient mats.

We would like to ask our guests to keep silence in the relax area and in the meditation room in order not to disturb themselves and the other guests. Conversations are inappropriate here. You should better relax and listen to the voice of your renewed soul and body.