Roman Bath

In Roman bath humidity reaches 100% and the temperature of air is around 45–48°С. You breathe with thermal water, the fog surrounds you, and its therapeutic properties affect all your receptors and get inside you.

Wet hot medium works like an inhaler strengthening our “defense capabilities” to colds, and high temperature kills germs, helps to relieve swelling of the nasopharynx. Wastes, toxins and retained water from the human body with sweat causing edema to disappear, reduce the renal loads.

Bath helps to keep not only health, but also youth. Skin tone improves, pores become cleaned, skin inflammations disappear and nutrition of hair follicles improves.

Don’t put your health at risk! If you have any problems with your cardiovascular system, consultation with your doctor is strongly recommended for you before visiting baths.

If you want to talk about bath not medically, but poetic, so you can hear that you leave the bath as light as a feather and free from anxiety. All troubles are left behind, as if their memory was finally washed with sweat.