Fitness Room

Relaxation without activity in spa resort isn’t for you, is it? Only activities, only loads, only hardcore? Does a week without exercises seem like a nightmare for you? If so, a fitness room in our SPA-complex is right down your alley. You do not even have to leave the hotel for getting a good warm up and giving your body the usual load.

Here’s a little clue: it is much more interesting to warm up outdoors in a cheerful company armed with rackets and a ball. We have a high-class new athletic field in the Thermal SPA Hotel Roman Bath!

And to go hiking in the Pirin Mountains is even more wonderful. It would both charge you with the movement pleasure and give you a chance to admire the surroundings and an impressive beauty of nature

But if you’re used to break a sweat at the gym and if you think that non-systematic physical activity cannot load all the muscles that should be loaded, welcome to our fitness room! In 2015 we are going to make it better during our great SPA renovation to provide you with a chance of high-quality exercising.