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Salt room

In 1843, the Polish doctor Felix Boshkowski came to the conclusion that the presence of air in the salt mines, saturated with particles of dry salt, leads to a healing effect on people with lung and respiratory problems. Speleotherapy, as a natural salt therapy, is becoming an effective, inexpensive alternative for people with respiratory and skin problems. Nowadays, the salt caves are used for treatment in health resorts in Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, etc. Halotherapy is a modern version of speleotherapy in artificially constructed salt rooms. With the help of a halogenerator in the salt room, a therapeutic microclimate which is similar to that of the salt caves, the pine forests or the seashore is created in the room. The air is rich in trace elements, 80% of which are contained in the blood plasma of the human body. During the procedure in the salt room, fine particles of 1-3 microns of special pharmaceutical alpine rock salt are dusted in the air. When inhaled, the salt naturally absorbs fluids (mucus) from the nose and sinuses and at the same time “cleanses” the respiratory system, because it is a natural antiseptic remedy with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. Salt therapy is suitable for both adults and children. Inhaling and exposing the body to the dry aerosols in the salt room helps for the treatment of respiratory and skin diseases – asthma, chronic respiratory diseases, pharyngitis, inflammation of the tonsils, sinusitis, bronchitis, hay fever, allergies, inflammation of the skin, arthritis, etc.